(( All info here may be known ICly by any other character))

Elandra’s past is unknown at the start of the game, except that she recently arrived in the city and came from one of the small nearby villages. Like many others, she searches the city of Neverwinter for a better future, or at least employment. Skilled in the arcane arts, she nevertheless has had no success in finding either. Rumor from those fortune seekers, tomb plunderers, and monster slayers who she sought to join is that she’s far too naive about the necessity of violence, and that they were unwilling to place their trust in her.

Those of higher born descent may know that she has applied at several great houses, but has been turned down at every interview. The reasons for this seem shrouded in mystery, but it is clearly a matter that those doing the interviewing do not wish to discuss.

One particular rumor seems to follow her. When first arriving at the city, she and a minor pickpocket named Murdie Twelvefingers visited the local watch house where the thief turned himself in for robbery. He recanted his story only hours later saying he had been ensorcelled by the woman against city law.

She and her familiar, a fox named Milo, seem to be at the end of whatever coin they brought with them. Having nothing left to sell, except an empty pack and her spell book, she seems close to returning to the lands from whence she came.


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